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Make your attic look bigger and brighter

Large-size roof windows with full glazing

Gone are the days when the attic was just a lumber or laundry room. These days, many people use the space underneath the roof for living, eating or working. Modern roof windows and full glazing provide plenty of light, freedom and space. Particularly trendy are super-large roof windows that almost resemble a balcony or dormer in size. When realizing their dream attic, however, building owners and renovators should always have the residents’ health in mind. Quality seals such as EMICODE® provide useful guidance when selecting materials that are safe for living. This applies in particular to the sealants and adhesives used for the installation of roof windows.

Until well into the post-war period, attics were neglected rooms that didn’t get the attention they deserved. They were only used for storage or for drying the laundry. Today, the situation is completely different: In search of individual living space, more and more people are transforming their attic into a small oasis of well-being. Crucial elements in this process are the roof windows. They can be opened with the flick of the wrist and convert the room into a sun terrace. Large panoramic windows with full glazing allow sweeping views across the city or landscape. You can even take a sunbath stark naked – in most cases well hidden from the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. So, get yourself a nice tan on your own “sunbed” high up under the roof!

But generous roof windows can do so much more. In no time at all, sliding windows are pushed aside so you can enjoy a nice “outdoor breakfast” with a view of the brilliant blue sky. In the evening, you may want to sit down and enjoy the fresh air while reading a good book. But the lovingly converted attic with its large windows is not only a comfortable place of retreat – it can also serve as a perfect home office. XXL windows allow plenty of fresh air into the room, which has a positive effect on the room climate.

Depending on roof pitch and accessibility, you can choose from different window solutions. Top-operated pivot windows are suitable for low-pitched roofs and for locations where access to the window is impeded by a desk or other piece of furniture. When there is free access to the window, a top-hung pivot window is the first choice: its generous opening angle provides more headroom and an even better view – the ideal solution for attic flats without balcony. An alternative to dormers are wedge frame windows: they are vertically inserted into the roof and usually not subject to approval. Bottom-hung or top-hung dormer windows are a less expensive solution. With a floor-to-ceiling type roof window, even a small balcony can be realized so that you can step outside and enjoy an “outdoor feeling”. Of key importance is the right solar shading of the roof window to protect you from the summer heat. The most effective solutions are installed outside, for instance roller shutters and awnings. They ward off the heat much more effectively than blinds mounted on the inside. If you initially shy away from the extra cost of solar shading, you will certainly regret your decision at a later date.

The variety of roof window solutions is so great that no wish is left unfulfilled. Moreover, windows can nowadays be controlled quite conveniently by switch, remote control, smartphone or tablet. The important thing for building owners is to integrate the glass surfaces already into the planning stage. Maximum comfort, energy efficiency and great views play an important role, but also people’s well-being should be taken into account. All products and materials installed should therefore be healthy for living. This applies in particular to the sealants and adhesives used for roof window installation. They must be able to resist extreme temperature fluctuations – lots of sunshine and heat in summer, snow and freezing cold in winter. Products with the EMICODE® EC1 seal on the packaging are certified by the GEV to meet the world’s most stringent emission limits. Unannounced spot checks carried out by independent testing institutes monitor long-term compliance with the limit values. Sealants for windows and facades, insulation panels and numerous other building and installation products are put to the test to ensure their health and environmental compatibility.

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Whether guest lounge, home office or cosy retreat for reading and relaxing: converted attics have become increasingly popular. The crucial elements are roof windows that allow plenty of light into the room. Particularly trendy are super-large roof windows that almost resemble a balcony or dormer in size.

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