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Luxury vinyl in bathrooms requires proper sealing

For decades, tiles have been the standard material for use on bathroom walls and floors. However, today’s bathrooms are no longer a merely functional space, but rather an integral design element of the house or flat. For this reason, luxury vinyl flooring has increasingly found its way into wet areas. It is easy to clean and wet-wipe, because it is insensitive to water. For this reason, it is also suitable for use on walls and floors in bathrooms and showers as long as substrate and walls have been expertly sealed.

Tip 1: A level surface is key

No matter whether you install ceramic or luxury vinyl tiles in your bathroom – careful waterproofing is essential. According to waterproofing standard DIN 18534 for interior applications, no water is allowed to penetrate under or behind bathtubs and showers. The application of silicone joint sealants at corners and junctions is not sufficient. Special edge sealing tapes or full-surface waterproofing is needed. To ensure reliable adhesion of the luxury vinyl flooring, the substrate must be smoothed with a levelling compound to remove any unevenness. Depending on the splash water area and water exposure, DIN 18534 stipulates different types of waterproofing. For this reason, you had better consult a professional craftsman.

Tip 2: How to install luxury vinyl on existing ceramic tiles

If you already have tiles installed in the bathroom, you do not need to remove them and fill your house with dust and debris. If properly done (preferably by a professional craftsman), luxury vinyl tiles can be simply glued on top of existing tiles thanks to their low installation height. Prior to that, the existing tiles need to be expertly covered with a levelling compound to ensure optimum adhesion.

Tip 3: Use low-pollutant products with low emissions

For doing the necessary priming, filling and sealing work, we recommend using products that have been awarded the EMICODE® seal. For more than 20 years, the eco label has been testing and certifying building and installation products with regard to their emissions. Only solvent-free and low-pollutant products are allowed to carry the EMICODE® EC1 seal on their packaging, thus ensuring maximum living health in your home.

Photo: Mapei / GEV

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