Licensable Products

  • Pre-coats, primers, barrier or damp barriers
  • Ready-to-use thin fluid fixatives and adhesives (e.g. anti-slip coatings for self-laying floor coverings, rolled fixatives, spray adhesives, screw locking adhesives, wood glues, dispersion based additives for mineral tile mortars and levelling compounds, dispersion based bonding courses (e.g. for bonded screeds))
  • Liquid sealants (e.g. liquid membranes, reactiv surface sealants), binders for synthetic resin screed, casting resins
  • Cement and calcium sulfate based levelling compounds
  • Cement based and other mineral tile mortars (thin bed and medium bed mortars), cement based joint fillers and mortars for brickwork
  • Quick cements
  • Screeds
  • Cement and calcium sulfate based screed mortars
  • Cement and calcium sulfate based screed binding materials
  • Powdery and liquid screed admixtures
  • Powdery adhesives (other than tile adhesives, but e.g. parquet or linoleum adhesives)
  • Cement based composite waterproofingslurries and coatings 1C and 2C, filling and levelling primers
  • Powdery bonding courses (e.g. for bonded screeds)
  • 1C and 2C pasty adhesives for floor coverings and parquet, ready-to-use adhesives for ceramic tiles, assembly adhesives, pasty fixatives for floor coverings, other pasty adhesives
  • Levelling compounds (based on dispersions or reactive resins)
  • Sealants under tiles based on dispersions or reactive resins
  • Joint grouts based on dispersions or reactive resins
  • Underlays (e.g. footfall damping underlays)
  • Self-adhesive tapes and underlays
  • nstallation boards , decoupling / insulation boards, wall panels
  • Sealing tapes and collars for small surfaces (e.g. for window, facade, in wet areas)
  • Sealing membranes for large surfaces (e.g. for walls and floor in wet areas), vapour retarder under the roof
  • Joint sealants (based on dispersion or reactive resins)
  • Spray foams, expanding foams
  • Pre-compressed or foam plastic joint sealing tapes
  • Water based parquet lacquers / coatings
  • Water based joint fillers for parquet
  • Parquet oils
  • Water based parquet primers
  • Water based UV parquet lacquers
  • UV curing lacquers (100 % solids) for parquet
  • Water based lacquers for mineral floors
  • Water based lacquers for resilient floorings
  • Oils for mineral floors
  • Water based finishes for mineral floors
  • Water based UV lacquers for resilient floorings
  • UV curing lacquers (100 % solids) for resilient floorings

Limit Values

To view the limit values of the EMICODE® categories for each product group, visit the Limits page.

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