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Make no compromises with foam sealing tape

During the cold season, residents may feel a cold draft even when the windows are closed and the heating is on. The reason could be a front door or balcony door that has not been properly sealed. Therefore, when installing a new door or replacing the old one, the joints should always be closed with a special sealing tape (also called backer rod), consisting of pre-compressed flexible foam. This not only prevents annoying drafts, but also protects against noise and driving rain.

Tip 1: Install the sealing tape along with the door

Once the door has been expertly installed, sealing plays a key role. In order to prevent later damage caused by driving rain and other weather conditions, the joint between the door and the wall should be filled with a sealing tape. However, if the door is already in place, the tape cannot be applied subsequently. It is therefore important to insert the joint sealing tape already during door installation. The pre-compressed foam expands around the door frame and forms a tight seal with the joint edges. Being coated with a water-repellent synthetic resin, it effectively protects against driving rain but also noise.

Tip 2: Buy a compatible foam sealing tape

When choosing a joint sealing tape, make sure that it is compatible with the structure and material of the outer wall. Also the required minimum joint width should be observed. A frequent mistake made especially in the case of doors is to use not enough material for sealing around the door perimeter. This creates gaps through which water and wind can penetrate.

Tip 3: Minimize emissions with EMICODE® products

To ensure that your home is not only protected against burglars and the weather but also provides healthy living conditions for its residents, potential pollutants should be eliminated as much as possible. Otherwise, vapors emanating from building materials like adhesives or sealants will have a negative effect on your indoor air. Test and quality seals like the EMICODE® on the packaging of joint sealing tapes and other building materials, indicate that these products have the lowest possible emissions and therefore ensure healthy living.

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