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How to renovate properly

After a few years, even the most beautiful house or flat is beginning to show signs of wear. The only remedy is to “rejuvenate” and breathe new life into your home. According to a survey carried out by IfD Allensbach in 2019, almost 9 million Germans – that’s more than every tenth – were planning to renovate their homes in the next few years. But if home owners want to be sure that their home not only looks but also feels good afterwards, it is highly advisable to take a few things into account.

Tip 1: Pay attention to healthy materials

People spend most of their time indoors, where they are surrounded by walls, floors and ceilings. In order to ensure that residents feel safe and comfortable at home, a healthy living environment is becoming more and more important. These days, newly built houses are increasingly airtight. As a result, the natural exchange of air is less frequent. It is therefore advisable to actively ensure that our indoor air is as unpolluted as possible. In addition to regular purge ventilation, it helps to choose only “healthy” furniture and renovate with “healthy” building materials.

Tip 2: Careful preparation

Even if the house or flat is only renovated instead of newly built, expert preparation of the substrate is of crucial importance. When replacing the old floor covering, the screed underneath must be even and solid; cracks and hollows must be filled with levelling compound. This also applies to walls when replacing the wallpaper. Make sure to always remove old adhesive residues before applying new adhesive so that it can firmly adhere. To eliminate the risk of mold and at the same time prevent the formation of odors, it is important to check for residual moisture. Only when everything is dry should new adhesive be applied.

Tip 3: EMICODE® products promote healthy indoor air

When undertaking a renovation project, you are well-advised to use building products with the lowest possible emissions. Floor coverings, levelling compounds, adhesives, sealants as well as other building and installation products can release so-called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can impair the quality of indoor air. Products with quality seals like EMICODE® reduce this risk. Only building materials that have been tested and certified to be low in emissions are granted the EC1 label. This ensures that the indoor air will later be healthy and free of harmful emissions.

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