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Effective protection from drafts

EMICODE®-certified door sealing tapes

A typical scenario during the cold season: All windows are closed, the heating is on non-stop, but the house still feels chilly because there’s a cold draft. The reason could be an improperly sealed front door. To prevent this from happening, the joints between door and wall must always be filled with a sealing tape when installing a new door or replacing the old one. This not only stops annoying drafts, but also protects against noise and driving rain. And if the joint sealing tape is certified with the EMICODE® seal, there will be considerably fewer harmful emissions.

Your front door is the calling card of your home. It gives visitors a first impression – and first impressions count! Not only should it look welcoming and beautiful, but it must also offer security and protection – from burglars but also from the weather. Naturally, the same applies to balcony and patio doors. Apart from expert installation, also proper sealing plays a key role – the same as with windows. In order to prevent later damage, the joint between the door and the wall must be filled with a special joint sealing tape. Since this tape cannot be installed subsequently with the door in place, the sealing needs to take place in the course of door installation.

This special sealing tape (also called backer rod) is a flexible product consisting of pre-compressed foam. After being applied to the doorframe, the foam slowly expands until it fits snugly against the edges of the joint. Being coated with a water-repellent synthetic resin, the sealing tape later provides effective protection against driving rain but also noise. Thanks to its heat-insulating properties, less heating energy is lost in autumn and winter. Possible drafts are no longer allowed to enter the house unimpeded through leaky doorframes.

In your home, however, you not only need protection from burglars and the weather, but also from potentially harmful substances. A “healthy home” is becoming increasingly important. When undertaking a building or renovation project, it is therefore of vital interest that you put your trust in the right products. Emissions from building materials have a negative impact on indoor air quality and people’s well-being. Low-emission sealing tapes and other building products can be easily identified by quality seals like EMICODE®.

For more than 20 years, EMICODE® has been an internationally recognized quality seal, certifying the health and environmental compatibility of numerous building products – from joint sealing tapes to adhesives and primers all the way to insulation panels. The EMICODE® EC1 seal is based on the strictest test criteria and only awarded to building products with the lowest possible VOC emissions. Regular spot checks monitor that the predefined limit values are observed. Products bearing the EC1 seal thus ensure a sustainable and healthy home – right down to the last crack and crevice.

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When installing new house or balcony doors, it is important to insert a sealing tape into the joint between wall and doorframe. This helps to keep drafts outside and precious heat inside during the cold season. The tape also protects from other influences of the weather like driving rain. However, to be safe from harmful substances, make sure to always use a joint sealing tape bearing the EMICODE® seal. This is certified to be low-emission and ensures that people can live in a healthy home.

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