Granting of Licence

A product to be classified according to EMICODE® shall fulfil the fowolling criteria, established by the Technical Council in the „GEV Classification Criteria“:


  • In general, an EMICODE® labelled product is solvent free. Solvents in this meaning are defined as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) with a boiling point < 200°C under normal conditions (20°C, 1013 hPa). As an exemption for technical needs, only surface coatings for wood flooring may contain solvents as film building agent.

  • A safety data sheet has to be set up. It is recommended to state the EMICODE®-classification in the safety data sheet under point 15, e.g. "EMICODE® EC1 - very low emission".

  • Carcinogenic or mutagenic substances or substances which are harmful to foetuses (CMR class 1A and 1B substances) are not permitted to be used in the manufacture of a licensed product. A chamber test shall show that emissions of the sum of all volatile organic C1A and C1B compounds do not exceed 10 µg/m3 after 3 days and the emissions of any such individual VOC  do not exceed 1 µg/m3 after 28 days.

  • Products labelled with an EMICODE® must not be labelled toxic or very toxic and must not contain Methylethylketoxim (MEKO) or Methylisobutylketoxim (MIBKO) due to odours and occupational health.

  • The EMICODE® classification label must be amended by the appendage "R" (regulated) for products which comply with the general requirements for EMICODE® but are labelled as dangerous must carry hazard or precautionary statements (e.g. H- or P-statements) and therefore may induce special measures for ensuring occupational safety (e.g. reactive resins, cement based products), or for those products that release VOC (e.g. silan terminated reactive resins) by chemical reaction. SMP products must only carry an EMICODE® label if the OEL value for the intended released alcohol (e.g. methanol, ethanol) is observed.

  • Testing has to be performed in accordance the the "GEV-testing method". These tests shall be performed by a laboratory accredited for this type of tests according to ISO 17025. The documentation of test results is operated by the producer according to intra-company rules. Classification into EMICODE® classes has to be effected in correspondence with the respective product group and its requirements according to the subsequent tables of procedures, criteria and the corresponding TVOC and TSVOC concentration ranges.


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