Fields of activity

Primary Task and Objective

The main task of GEV is the promotion of consumer, occupational health and safety and environmental protection in the area of building chemicals and adhesives.  The GEV has an open information policy and supports cross-vendor cooperation with all industry partners. Any progress towards a healthy indoor climate can only be achieved when all parties involved pull together. Consumers, contractors and manufacturers must get involved and opt for high quality products low in emissions.

First and foremost, the GEV has the objective to offer the market an option for an independent, impartial assessment and distinction of the products in terms of their VOC emission characteristics.  This led to the establishment of the EMICODE® classification system.


Once a manufacturer applies for licensing of one of his products, it is tested by internationally recognised, independent analytical institutes according to a defined, standardised testing method. Based on the scientifically determined measurement data, the manufacturer is awarded a licence with assignment to the respective EMICODE® class.

This licence then entitles the manufacturer to label and promote his product with the trademark-protected EMICODE® label. Manufacturers whose products bear the "EC1" label undertake to manufacture these products under quality-controlled conditions so that they comply with the EMICODE® specifications at all times.

Quality Assurance

Trust is good, control is better – true to this motto, the GEV as the supervisory body monitors the licensed product claims from the start.


Without the knowledge of the manufacturers, certain EMICODE® products chosen at random are purchased freely in the market by internationally recognised testing institutes and subjected to intensive long term tests to determine their emission characteristics.

Violations are rigorously pursued. Manufacturers whose products do not comply with the EMICODE® claim must bear the testing costs. In addition, they are obliged to remedy deficiencies and resubmit to checks any new batches in their production facilities. Repeated non-compliance can lead to withdrawal of the licence and, in the worst case, loss of all EMICODE® certification rights. 

The monitoring results of recent years show that checks are the only way to maintain the necessary discipline required to produce optimal product quality. Up to now, EMICODE® is the only VOC label on the market that is subject to regular and strict quality controls, thereby offering the best possible consumer protection as regards indoor air hygiene and healthy living.

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