Materials low in emissions are awarded the EMICODE® EC2 label. This category fulfils the basic requirements to be awarded the EMICODE® label.



The highest category, EMICODE® EC1 has proven its worth in practice as a standard for materials very low in emissions. The materials awarded this label comply with the strictest environmental and health requirements.





The EMICODE® label EC1PLUS denotes the premium category, describing the limit of technological feasibility. Introduced in 2010, it sets even higher and stricter limit values than the best category EC1.

Some EMICODE® labels contain an R in the background. This stands for "regulated" and was introduced for products which are (very) low in emissions, however require industrial safety measures for processing. This may include the necessity to wear protective gloves or goggles.  Despite the required safety measures during processing, the materials deserve the EMICODE® label on account of their emission characteristics.

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