The EMICODE® classification system allows to compare and evaluate the emission characteristics of flooring installation and construction products and at the same time gives an incentive to further improve the products.  


This trademark-protected classification system by now has become the key national and international quality benchmark for a wide range of product groups.  Since EMICODE® was introduced in 1997, more than 4500 products from all over the world have been awarded the EMICODE® label. It offers consumers, craftsmen and architects guidance to decide which materials offer maximum security against indoor air pollution and guarantee the best health protection and high environmental compatibility.


Whether you install carpet, glue tiles, seal your parquet flooring, caulk your shower tub or perform other renovation, restoration or extension work – with construction products with the EMICODE® label, you are always on the safe side as far as healthy living is concerned!

Green Building with EMICODE


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