A Round-Robin Test

GEV Round-Robin Test 2017/2018 – a comparison of testing laboratories

GEV asked more than 30 testing laboratories to test 3 products. The goal of this 3rd round-robin test was to evaluate the quality of laboratory testing. The results were evaluated statistically and presented to a group of scientists to increase the understanding of the limitations and the potential of the testing methodology. This resulted in a scientific publication that was published in April 2020 in the VDI journal „Gefahrstoffe“ www.gefahrstoffe.de

The copyright for the English-language publication “Reliability of VOC emission chamber testing – A round-robin test with flooring adhesives and a parquet lacquer” is held by VDI Fachmedien GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf (www.gefahrstoffe.de). The article may only be used for own purposes, may not be modified and may not be marketed to third parties without permission.

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